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Wholesale Hemp (CBD) Oil Products – (And Affiliate Program) 

There are three nuanced and entrepreneurial ways of partnering with us. The first approach is to sell wholesale CBDif you wish to purchase our products and resell them. We also offer a CBD dropship program and a CBD affiliate program, for those interested in selling our products on their own websites or advertising to their social media following.

Wholesale program 

If you own an operational business such as a spa, health food store, salon, medical practice, or yoga studio and would like to resell our products through your enterpriseour wholesale guidelines facilitate the collaborative experience of working with usWe offer a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) and great wholesale prices, so your business can earn generous margins while your customers reap the benefits of our pharmaceutical-grade CBD Products.  

Unlike many of our competitors, Highland Pharms was launched in collaboration with a medical practitioner, and our products are well segmented for the current market. 

To apply for the wholesale program, use the application below. 

For more wholesale information, please contact us directly by email at: 

[email protected] or you can call us at 360-878-4918.

Dropship program 

If youre seeking a CBD Dropship program to sell the best full-spectrum CBD products available, we can helpWith this program, you maintain all commercial relations and transactions with your customers exclusively through your website. Then, as orders roll in, you can transfer them to us and we’ll ship our products accordingly. You’ll receive a sizeable discount off of our retail prices, and profit from healthy returns while satisfying your customers. 

To apply for our CBD Dropship program, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. Once we receive your information, well review your application and respond with an approval notice, or a request for more information. It’s that simple!

Affiliate program 

If you’re interested in an affiliate program for selling hemp CBD oil products, youve found the best option for your retail goals. We use affiliate sales to spread the word about Highland Pharms. It truly is a mutually beneficial business arrangement. We’ll do most of the work, you can generate revenueand your customers can enjoy the benefits of our high-quality CBD products. It’s a win-win-win situation! 

To apply for the affiliate program, visit our page here: Become an Affiliate. 

If you want to represent only the BEST CBD OIL products, you need Highland Pharms! 

Most brands use extract from industrial hemp, grown and processed overseas. 

Highland Pharms CBD extract comes from ultra-high-grade plants, grown in Colorado! 

Enjoy the simplicity and great earnings of our CBD affiliate program! 

As a mutual partner, we’ll work with you so that you fully understand the key selling points for our hemp CBD oils, extracts, and other products. We genuinely want our partnering retailers to prosperand well always be available to help maximize the success of their business endeavors. 

Wholesale CBD Products: The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling CBD in Bulk

Derived from the cannabis plant, cannabidiol (CBD) has emerged as a highly sought-after compound known for its therapeutic effects, including the alleviation of pain and anxiety. The rapidly increasing consumer demand for CBD products presents lucrative business opportunities through wholesaling. Choosing among diverse types of available CBD merchandise requires careful consideration while ensuring dependable suppliers ease the supply chain process and maximize profits. In recent times, it has become increasingly vital to explore the relationship between social media usage and its impacts on mental health outcomes for people across demographics. 

Social networking sites have experienced explosive growth in user numbers globally and are gradually becoming more ubiquitous. Some experts now suggest that these mass-scale virtual interactions might be detrimental in aspects relating to individual psychological needs. Researchers indicate that extensive engagement with digital content could be linked with severe forms of anxiety, stress, and depressive episodes, among others.

Benefits of Wholesale CBD Products

Purchasing CBD products in bulk carries several advantages, the foremost being cost savings. By ordering wholesale, it is possible to secure lower unit prices that result in significant savings over time. Moreover, obtaining goods from a wholesaler enables businesses to offer a wider selection of inventory to their customers and attract greater demand. The intrinsic quality control standards upheld by suppliers also ensure premium-grade products are received by buyers, ensuring customer satisfaction. Lastly, selling larger quantities of CBD products improves profit margins and scaling business operations. 

Amidst the numerous challenges humanity faces today, one that looms largest is undoubtedly climate change. Its reach extends far beyond the realms of ecology alone, casting extensive impacts on human society as well. As such, tackling this issue with an effective response should precede all else.

Types of Wholesale CBD Products

There are numerous kinds of CBD products that may be bought in bulk. Among the most well-liked are:

CBD oil is a flexible substance that can be ingested or added to meals and beverages.

CBD edibles: These can be found as gummies, chocolates, and baked products, among other forms.

Topical CBD products include creams, lotions, and balms that can be applied directly to the skin for targeted relief.

Products for inhalation that contain CBD include e-liquids and cartridges.

CBD pet products include treats, tinctures, and other items created specifically for animals.

Finding a Wholesale CBD Supplier

Conducting thorough research is a crucial step in finding a suitable wholesaler for CBD products. It’s pertinent to work with suppliers who have an established reputation within the industry, and asking them for references can help you verify their authenticity. It’s also necessary to ensure that the supplier employs third-party testing procedures that guarantee the quality and effectiveness of their products. Scrutinize the manufacturing protocols they use and inquire about their ingredient selection criteria concerning organic options and non-GMOs. Establishing effective communication channels will guarantee smooth operations, allowing you to address any concerns timely. The burgeoning influence of social media on the psychological and emotional well-being of young adults cannot be understated.

Tips for Selling Wholesale CBD Products

Your ability to sell wholesale CBD products effectively depends on understanding who your target audience is. Determine the characteristics of an ideal customer and alter marketing techniques appropriately. Utilize social media networks and other digital tools to potentially reach interested parties while providing added value through deals or savings incentives. Exceptional customer service must not be neglected since unsatisfied patrons won’t be inclined toward your business referrals. Being aware of industry advancements allows you the flexibility required in updating inventory such that it remains attractive.

If you desire a dependable wholesale CBD supplier, look no further than Highland Pharms! Our principle of ensuring optimum quality and satisfying clients differentiates us from others in the industry, making it an ideal option for all your wholesaling requirements. 

Quality Products

All of our merchandise is produced using organically grown hemp and non-GMO ingredients, which undergo extensive third-party testing to validate their effectiveness and purity. Highland Pharms understands the significance of maintaining good quality standards when it comes to selling CBD products. That’s why we take pride in offering an array of premium-grade wholesale items that exceed expectations. 

Wide Variety of Products & Competitive Pricing

Our extensive selection comprises everything from topicals and oils to tasty edibles in various strengths and tantalizing flavors; there’s something for everyone! Best yet: every product we produce has no synthetic preservatives or additives – just wholesome goodness! In recognition of the importance of cost in wholesale purchasing, Highland Pharms offers competitive pricing on all our products. To ensure affordability and profitability for both parties, we provide discounts on larger orders. Rest assured that you can deliver high-quality CBD products to your customers while staying within budget. 

Excellent Customer Service

We also prioritize excellent customer service, with a dedicated team ready to assist you in creating customized orders and addressing any inquiries. Reliable Shipping – when you order from us, expect the timely arrival of your purchase without any damage whatsoever. Our long-standing reputation for fast, secure deliveries guarantees this. 

Expertise in The Industry 

Almost ten years of involvement in the CBD market has made us authorities on all matters pertaining to it. Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge base regarding present-day developments empowers us with information that enables us to offer nothing but innovative, groundbreaking products, along with serving our customers’ needs by educating them on best practices when using each item offered by us. In summary, Highland Pharms is the ideal wholesale CBD supplier due to our dedication to superior quality, diverse array of offerings, cost-effectiveness, exceptional customer support, and vast industry know-how. 

For all your CBD requirements, contact us today!

Wholesale Hemp (CBD) Oil and Extract – Affiliate Program 

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