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cooking with cbd oil

Top 4 Tips for Cooking with CBD Oil

Are you looking for a way to eat healthily and enjoy the health benefits of CBD? Why not combine these two desires and start cooking with CBD oil?

Adding CBD to your food is easier than you think. Even if you don’t fancy yourself the next Gordon Ramsey, you can make meals that are both healthy and delicious with everyday items.

Here are four tips to help you master the art of CBD cooking.

1. Start Small

When you first start cooking with CBD oil, you might find it tempting to overuse it. Don’t fall for this trap. Too much CBD oil will overpower your food and make it less tasty. You’ll also waste the oil.

Studies show no toxicity in the overuse of CBD, so you won’t have to worry about overusing it in regards to your health. You aren’t going to overdose if you put too much in your food. Too much will cause the food to taste strange, however, so don’t overdo it. Start with small batches and make adjustments as needed. Think of these early dishes as practice.

Once you find your sweet spot, you’ll know the ratio to use in future dishes and can then prepare larger meals. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the smaller batches to find your perfect ratio.

2. When Cooking With CBD Oil, Quality Matters

When you prepare a home-cooked meal, you don’t want to waste your time with subpar ingredients, do you? You only use the freshest avocados, finest spices, and leanest meats.

Hold your CBD oil to the same standard you hold other ingredients. The purity and source of your CBD oil matters. How do you choose the best CBD products when information can be hard to come by?

There are two questions you should ask before cooking with CBD oil.

Where Does It Come From?

Most CBD comes from overseas. But the lack of regulations in southeast Asia and other parts of the world means it’s hard for users to know what they’re receiving in the mail.

The hemp plants used by Highland Pharms come from Colorado, known around the world as one of the best places to produce CBD.

These ultra high-grade plants produce the best quality CBD oil. Taste is subjective, of course, but our products are among the best-tasting on the market because of the quality of the source.

Are There Lab Test Results?

Second, you want to make sure that the supplier you choose runs lab tests on your product. Any provider should be willing to provide you with these results, whether on their website or through customer service.

If they aren’t willing to give you this information, they either don’t have it or their results aren’t good. Either way, walk away and choose another company.

If a company meets these two requirements, you should feel secure buying CBD from them and adding it to your food.

3. Watch Your Temperature

Cannabinoids are sensitive to heat and light, so you want to limit their exposure to these two conditions.

The overall quality of your oil breaks down when it gets too hot. It begins to break down when cooked at temperatures over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. To maintain the integrity of the oil, you should never expose it to a direct flame. This can cause the oil to lose terpenes and other phytonutrients where many of the health benefits come from.

Check the temperature of your food and if possible, cook at a lower temperature. This takes longer, but let’s be honest: slow-cooked food is better anyway.

Be sure to stir the food on a regular basis as it cooks. This distributes the CBD oil throughout the dish and keeps it from overheating.


The same principles apply to storing your CBD-infused food. Store your food in a dark place that’s cool.

Never leave the food in your car or sitting on your counter in direct contact with sunlight, as this affects the flavor and potency of the food.

4. Use It In Foods With Fat Or Oil-Based Ingredients

Use recipes containing a fat or oil-based substance. Look for foods with butter, lard, shortening, and vegetable or nut-based oils, so that the concentrate has something to infuse into.

If your recipe doesn’t have any of these things, dilute it with a small amount of vodka, rum, or cognac. Wine and beer won’t work because they are water-based. It’s important to note, however, that almost every recipe has some sort of fat or oil substance in it, making CBD oil easy to cook with.

Most recipes focus on sweet and baked foods because they are easier to hide the taste of CBD oil in. In reality, as long as you follow the first tip and cook in small batches, you’ll learn what amount works for you. You can adjust the spices and ingredients to mask the taste, making any type of dish you want.

Start Cooking With CBD Today!

The key to cooking with CBD oil is finding the best supplier, as mentioned above. Here at Highland Pharms, we have the products you need to stock your kitchen and keep you going.

Whether you plan on using CBD for cooking or something else, we have everything you need. Check out our product page today and get free shipping on all orders!

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