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Should You Consult a Doctor Before Taking CBD Capsules For Back Pain?

It’s estimated that over half the American population suffers from some type of back pain each year.

Not only that but back pain sets Americans back over 87 million dollars.

Back pain also causes Americans to lose time at work or at home, making life more difficult.

There has to be a better way.

With a natural solution like Cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) showing promising relief for people who suffer from back pain, many may run out and purchase CBD capsules without consulting their primary physician.

Although it is an all natural product provided by Mother Nature, this may not be the best approach for everyone.

Though Cannabidiol oil has been shown to be safe, even in very high doses, studies are still being conducted.

Some questions you may have may include: How do I know the correct dosage? What are the side-effects? Is it legal? How long should I take it?

Though the natural-medicine community will cite various research that points to CBD oil safety, consulting your doctor when considering any medication or treatment is highly advisable, as they can speak directly to your situation.

What is Cannabidiol oil?

CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant, and specifically with Highland Pharms’ products, it comes from hemp. This type of oil cannot get you “high,” because it has tiny amounts tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is responsible for altering your feeling of awareness or making you feel hazy. There is such a low level of THC, that there is no “high” effect felt.  CBD oil is non-psychoactive.

Aside from being shown to reduce inflammation, some studies suggest using CBD oil for anxiety, other forms of chronic pain, depression, and possibly lowering seizures in those with epilepsy.

CBD oil is thought to work with receptors in the brain to stop the pain and inflammation.

There’s still quite a bit of confusion around what CBD oil is and how it can help, so speaking with a doctor is an essential part of your treatment.

Why Consider CBD Oil

With the opioid crisis on the rise, people are turning to more natural options to help them manage conditions like back pain.

In fact, in the last couple of years, the use of CBD oil has grown in popularity and the industry is estimated at $200 million.

Simply put, CBD oil is non-addictive and can be considered a possible alternative for back pain.

Speaking to Your Physician About CBD Oil

A visit to your doctor can clarify and relieve any concerns you have.  However, most people may feel uncomfortable talking with their doctor about CBD oil.  But, you should know thatit has become a hot topic in the medical community.  So, speaking with your doctor shouldn’t be a hurdle.

Being open and honest with your doctor can result in a proper treatment plan.  Your doctor knows your medical history. They’re aware of the medications you’ve taken or are currently taking. They can make CBD dosage recommendations based on your condition and ailments, and make sure that you can get the most benefits from your CBD oil usage.

If you do not have a physician or your doctor advises against CBD oil, seek out a doctor that is CBD oil-friendly, so they can alleviate some confusion. Be sure to bring your medical records so the physician can be well informed.

If you cannot find a CBD oil-friendly doctor, it may be helpful to do a bit a research and take it with you to your appointment. Some doctors may not be informed of the latest research, so providing this information can aid them in answering your questions and preparing your treatment.

When preparing to speak to your doctor, begin with a list of questions.  Here are a few to think about:

  • How can CBD oil help my back pain?
  • What are the state laws regarding CBD, if any?
  • What types of options I have?
  • Why would you recommend CBD oil? Why not?
  • Do you know of any studies done on CBD oil and back pain?
  • Have you prescribed CBD oil before and what were the results?

Begin writing your own set of questions about your situation.  Also, ask your doctor what questions you should be asking or if there’s anything significant you need to know can be beneficial as well.

Be sure to share the symptoms you’re having, how long you’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort, and how you’re treating the problem now.  Having a doctor in your corner is favorable should you need to make any adjustments in your CBD dosage.

CBD Oil, Medications, and Supplements

Though the side effects of CBD oil are minimal, if any.  Bring this topic up at your appointment and ask how likely they are to occur for you.

However, CBD oil can have adverse reactions when paired with certain medications.

These medications have possible negative reactions when taken with high-dosage amounts of CBD oil:

  • Blood thinners
  • Gastrointestinal medications
  • Antipsychotic medications
  • Cholesterol medications
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Medications for epilepsy

Making sure your doctor knows the medications you’re taking can be extremely important in your care.  Also, inform your doctor of other supplements or vitamins you may be taking and ask if there’s any harm to continue them in addition to CBD oil.

CBD Capsules or Bottled Oil

Speaking with your doctor about the type of CBD oil to take can be beneficial as they may have specific recommendations.

CBD capsules are a convenient way to take CBD oil.

Drops are also available.

When considering one over the other, questions to ask your doctor would be:

  • How can one or the other fit into my lifestyle?
  • How are capsules and drops different? Or are they?
  • Is one preferred over the other?

Capsules or drops are also a more inexpensive way to manage back pain compared to prescription medications.

Where to Find CBD Capsules or Bottled Oil

By asking the right questions and working with your doctor to formulate a decision about how to get relief, back pain may be easily and naturally alleviated.

It could be as simple as taking the right dosage of CBD capsules or drops as your physician recommends, and avoiding possible side effects from other medications.

Start by shopping online for CBD products. Highland Pharms provides a variety of CBD capsules and other Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil products. We answer all your questions thoroughly and provide a wealth of information on CBD oil.

Don’t let back pain (chronic or acute) put a dent in your lifestyle.

Start considering Cannabidiol oil to manage your back pain today.

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