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15K+ Hemp Drops 15,000mg CBD – Free Shipping


Highland Pharms 15K+ Hemp Oil Drops – 15,000mg CBD

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Introducing Highland Pharms 15K+ Hemp Drops, the ultimate CBD formula designed to deliver maximum potency and value. Each drop of this highly concentrated formula contains approximately 7.5mg of CBD, making it one of the most cost-effective CBD oil drops on the market. With approximately 2000 drops per bottle, you can enjoy the full benefits of CBD for longer periods.

This premium CBD oil is available in a mint-flavored MCT oil base, containing only MCT oil, hemp extract, and all-natural mint oil. As with all Highland Pharms products, 15K+ Hemp Drops is about more than just CBD. It is formulated to provide a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients that occur naturally in hemp plants. This is what sets Highland Pharms apart from other CBD brands, making it the best of the best.

This is the same product as the other Highland Pharms bottles of CBD Drops but with a higher concentration of CBD. Each bottle of 15K+ Hemp Drops contains 15,000mg of CBD in a 120ml bottle, which is four times the number of drops in our 25ml bottle. This powerful formula makes it easier to get the exact amount of CBD that you need for your situation, with 10 drops equaling approximately 75mg of CBD.

Highland Pharms uses only the highest quality full-spectrum hemp oil extract in our products. The hemp used in 15K+ Hemp Drops is grown by a boutique hemp farm that cultivates only ultra-high-grade hemp plants, ensuring that you get the best possible product. Unlike most other brands, Highland Pharms does not use industrial-grade hemp grown overseas.

The CBD hemp oil extract used in Highland Pharms products is extracted using the gentlest extraction method: Supercritical CO2 extraction. This method ensures that the CBD extract is ultra-rich and pure, without any damaging heat that can reduce the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD). Highland Pharms is committed to delivering only the best quality products to our customers.

Highland Pharms 15K+ Hemp Drops are easy to use, and the natural mint flavor makes it a pleasant experience. The drops are generally taken by putting a few drops onto a spoon and placing it under the tongue for 60-90 seconds before swallowing. However, they can also be added to juices or smoothies. This ultra-rich formula is ideal for those who need a higher concentration of CBD.

Highland Pharms believes in our products and the benefits they can provide. One of our business partners takes 10 drops of 15K+ Hemp Drops in the morning and evening for a pinched nerve that causes chronic back pain. Another partner uses these CBD drops for metastatic colon cancer. Highland Pharms is proud to offer a high-quality product that can help people in various situations.

Please note that Highland Pharms’ refund policy does not apply to this product, as it is not considered a “starter product.” It is assumed that customers are familiar with hemp CBD products and their effects before purchasing this item.

Experience the ultimate CBD formula with Highland Pharms 15K+ Hemp Drops. Also, check out our other quality products, such as CBD gummies or CBD capsules, all with free shipping.

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in


Batch Number Manufacture Date (MM/YY) Exp. Date (MM/YY)
010320 - Mint 01/20 01/21
010320 - Olive Oil 03/20 03/21
031320 - Olive Oil 03/20 03/21
062420 - Mint 06/20 06/21
020722 - Mint 02/22 04/23

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Alexa A.
Fast, efficient service. Good product.

Fast, efficient service. Good product.

James S.
Forcing me to write a

Forcing me to write a review to complete this process is not appreciated

Arnold P.
The Bomb

Been taking for 3 years. Wouldn’t change a thing!

Pamela M.
love product - continue to use because of results

I purchased the large bottle because I continue to purchase so figured the small cost savings would be worth it. I do have feedback on the large bottle's dropper though, it does not hold suction very well; therefore it drips from bottle to intended location wasting precious drops. As well, it does not seem to seal well upon tightening as when I shake, pre-use, it seems to leak from the cap, which also wastes precious drops,, If the cap and dropper on the large bottle issues could be rectified, this would get a 5 star.

joyce S.

I was told, that your strength could NOT be 15,000 ml of CBD. you provide 3rd party testing, right? I think they are full of hooey to sell their product, which has no where near your strength. Let me know...

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