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CBD MAX+ Hemp Oil Drops – 1250mg CBD – Free Shipping


From Ultra High Quality Hemp, Grown Organically in the USA!

Highland Pharms MAX+ CBD Hemp Oil Drops

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Unleash the Full Potential of Hemp

  • Full Spectrum Cannabinoids Extract
  • 1250mg of CBD per Bottle
  • Natural (unflavored) or Mint Flavor

Introducing our MAX+ Hemp Oil Drops – the ultimate CBD experience. Our formula contains 1250mg of CBD per bottle, providing an ultra-rich and hearty CBD extract for our customers. But we don’t stop at just CBD – our product contains a full spectrum of cannabinoid extract, including CBDA, CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA, and only trace amounts of THC. Utilizing a gentle SuperCritical CO2 Extraction method ensures that our CBD extract is of the highest quality and efficacy. With a natural or mint flavor and the full potential of hemp, our MAX+ Hemp Oil Drops are the best of the best.

The Best of the Best – Ultra-High-Grade Hemp

  • Extract from Boutique Colorado Hemp Farm
  • Ultra-High Grade Hemp
  • Natural and GMO-Free

Our MAX+ Hemp Oil Drops are made with extract from hemp grown by a boutique Colorado hemp farm that exclusively grows Ultra-High Grade Hemp. Many other brands use Industrial Grade Hemp grown somewhere overseas. We pride ourselves on being different from most others in the market – by exclusively using natural and GMO-free ingredients in our products and ultra-high grade hemp extract. Our dedication to delivering exceptional results shines through every aspect of our business, from ingredient sourcing to final delivery.

Experience the Ultra-Rich Formula – Without the THC High

  • Non-Psychoactive
  • Ideal for many with a need for Chronic Pain Relief
  • Clean and Effective

Our MAX+ Hemp Oil Drops provide an ultra-rich and effective formula that is ideal for many with a need for chronic pain relief and many other well-being needs. Not all CBD extracts are created equal – but ours stands out from the rest. Our MAX+ Hemp Oil Drops are specially formulated to provide maximum effectiveness while remaining completely non-psychoactive. So why wait? Experience all the incredible benefits of our hearty and clean formula today!

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Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 in


Batch Number Manufacture Date (MM/YY) Exp. Date (MM/YY)
010320 - Mint 01/20 01/21
010320 - Natural 01/20 01/21
040920 - Natural 04/20 04/21
040920 - Mint 04/20 04/21
062420 - Mint 06/20 06/21
091420 - Mint 09/20 09/21
091420 - Natural 09/20 09/21
062322 - Mint 06/22 06/23
062322 - Natural 06/22 06/23

Customer Reviews

Based on 505 reviews
Josh Mckay

The product we use works amazing. My wife has epilepsy and uses the CBD oil as treatments. She hasn't had a seizure in 5 years since using this product. She would have 2 a year when on Dr. Prescribed medications. Very thankful customers.

David Hart

Works great for my mom. Great job. Thanks dh

Marjorie Trebino
This CBD works

I have used many brands of CBD for my dog and for myself. I really noticed a difference when I switched to Highland Pharms. I take a small amount to help me sleep. I give my old dog a dose twice a day. It has made a difference in her activity level.

Pat Hardy


Timothy Messersmith

CBD MAX+ Hemp Oil Drops - 1250mg CBD - Free Shipping

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250+ Hemp Oil Drops – Free Shipping


From Ultra High Quality Hemp, Grown Organically in the USA!

Highland Pharms 250mg CBD Hemp Oil Drops

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