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Highland Pharms – Natural Remedies

From deep in the heart of Central Texas Highland Pharms was born.

Highland Pharms Best CBD Hemp OilWe chose the word “pharms” for use in our name because of it being a unique play on the concept of growing plants for better health.  We strongly believe in natural remedies, such as hemp for CBD Oil and Moringa for all their many benefits.

While we know many people find help from the pharmaceuticals they take, we also know that Mother Nature makes available all that we need.  We are truly concerned with the long list of potential side effects of the drugs that people take daily to maintain or improve their health.  It simply doesn’t make sense to us that we should be taking something to help our health which can make us sick in so many other ways.  Instead, we chose years ago to bring forth naturally occurring plant based solutions that improve lives instead of breaking them down.

Colorado Grown Hemp

Our products use extract from plants grown in Colorado.  They are some of the most amazingly beautiful plants you will ever see.  The lead farmer in the operation moved to Colorado after decades of growing a “similar type” of plant in Northern California.  His plants are truly amazing to see!  And, the plants are Organically-Grown and are Non-GMO.

Ultra High Grade Hemp CBD OIL

We use only the most gentle method to pull out the extract from the hemp plants, leaving the extract in the ideal condition to create our products.  While many companies use only the CBD compound in their products, we use what is known as Full Spectrum Extract.  This means our products have not only cannabidiol (CBD) from the plants, but they have all of the other cannabinoids and phytonutrients which naturally occur.  When used together, all these nutrients work together to create an even more powerful effect.  We also use only natural ingredients when possible to make all our products so that you and your loved ones truly get only the best that nature has to offer!