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Alleviating Lupus Symptoms With CBD Oil

Before we discuss how to alleviate lupus symptoms with CBD oil, we must first describe what happens to most people who have lupus.

When a person is first diagnosed with lupus by a doctor, especially a rheumatologist, they are usually immediately placed on prescription drugs to treat their symptoms but not cure their disease. This is because modern medicine has not yet come up with a way to cure lupus. Often times, these prescription drugs cause the lupus patient to have even more pain and or additional symptoms that they never had before. When they describe this to their doctor on their next visit, they are often placed on other drugs to supposedly help their body tolerate the first drug(s) they were prescribed so they now have ever more synthetic chemicals circulating through their bloodstream. They may also be taken off the first drug(s) and given different drugs. Also, the dosages of these prescription drugs are often increased if the lupus patient does not show marked improvement. This can cause even more side effects.

There is another important point we should cover. Most of the research money poured into studying lupus today focuses on how to treat the symptoms instead of curing the disease. In clinical studies, they may give a group of participants a certain dosage or a particular drug, alongside a control group, and then measure how this drug affects their symptoms or certain blood tests. However, the emphasis is almost never aimed at looking at the whole health of a patient, i.e. what side effects they may experience or what other health issues they may develop. More importantly, these clinical studies are often ended before a patient develops side effects.

Most of the lupus research is either done directly by the pharmaceutical companies or the research is funded by them. In fact, even academic scientists, who decades ago would have never thought of accepting funding from a corporation because if might influence the integrity of their work, now freely accept funding from pharmaceutical companies. From a profit standpoint, it is not the goal of these pharmaceutical companies to cure lupus but rather to show evidence that certain drugs reduce symptoms or improve lab results over whatever time period they test it.
What are some of the medications given to lupus patients?

The prescription medications for lupus include corticosteroids (hydrocortisone, methylprednisolone, prednisolone, prednisone), immunosuppressives (Cytoxan, Imuran, Azasan, Rheumatrex, CellCept, Arava, Trexall), and antimalarials (Plaquenil). Other prescription drugs may also be given if the patient complains of depression, anxiety, fluid retention, recurring infections, and a variety of other symptoms that can actually be caused by the first set of prescription drugs they are given.

These lupus drugs are intended to suppress an overactive immune system, reduce inflammation, minimize flare ups, reduce pain, and in some cases, prevent damage to vital organs like the kidneys that some forms of lupus can attack. While all this may sound good in the brochures for these drugs, there is a dark side for many lupus sufferers who take these drugs. The side effects end up causing more pain and damage to their body than the lupus itself!

Lupus is a disease that can cause a person a great deal of misery. Joints often swell and ache. Even with milder forms of lupus, spending time outside can be a big no no because it can cause the disease to get worse rapidly. Lupus can also cause depression and anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, bad headaches, unflattering skin rashes, and even lead to other more serious diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

All this pain and misery can make a lupus patient willing to try almost any prescription drug their doctor offers them, even if the drug is well known to have serious side effects in many people who take it. When you are hurting, you just want it to stop!

Luckily, an “alternative solution” to lupus has been emerging in the last few years as medical cannabis and full spectrum CBD oils with highly concentrated cannabinoids have been tried by numerous people suffering with lupus. As they have tried it, these people with lupus have widely reported they have had a great deal of success with it, and best of all, taking the CBD oil does not cause the side effects that so many prescription medications cause.

So, how do you reduce or alleviate lupus symptoms with CBD oil? First, you want to buy a very high quality grade of CBD oil. You do NOT want to buy CBD oil derived from industrial hemp grown for fiber. Yes, it is much cheaper but it does not contain the concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids you will need nor the quality you will need. Plus, the cheaper CBD oils derived from industrial hemp often contain heavy metals and other environmental contaminants because they are derived from a plant that was never intended for human consumption.

Second, you want to get a tincture of high quality CBD oil diluted in a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. This will come with a medicine dropper that will allow you to place drops of the CBD oil under your tongue. You can start with around 250 ml of a low to medium concentration CBD oil per day, taken in the morning and in the evening before you go to bed. Hold the CBD oil under your tongue for about two to three minutes and then swallow it. Holding the CBD oil under your tongue allows the therapeutic cannabinoids to enter your blood stream. Try this dosage for a few weeks and increase it gradually if your symptoms do not subside to the level you desire. Some people with lupus take up to a gram of CBD (cannabidiol) a day.

If you are successful, think about reporting your results online so other people who suffer with lupus can get your feedback and decide whether or not they want to try it themselves.

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