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How to Buy CBD Oil

CBD-300-Dab-Wax-SampleWhat you need to know when you want to Buy CBD Oil.

We will NOT cover all the Questions/Answers that are also covered on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  We will only cover the specific details about selecting products.  There is a link at the end of this article to guide you to the Frequently Asked Questions if you’d still like to read more very helpful information.

Hemp -vs- Marijuana

The first thing you need to know about selecting a CBD Oil product is that they can be made from extracts from either Hemp Plants or Marijuana Plants.  And, currently, those from marijuana plants are not legal in many states, nor can they be shipped across most state lines.  So, for Fully Legal CBD Oil products in ALL STATES, you want to be sure you’re selecting Hemp Based Products (note:  all Highland Pharms products are from Hemp).

Is there a difference in effectiveness?  For most people, No.  For some people, Yes.

At a molecular level, CBD (short for cannabidiol) is CBD, regardless of which plant it comes from.  The only difference comes from the full extract that is taken from the plants.  Here’s what we mean:  Once the plants are harvested, the lab removes the nutrients, including CBD, from the plants in the form of a gooey extract.  This extract includes the CBD, but also so much more and this gooey extract is what goes into all the CBD products*.  There are actually many cannabinoids other than just cannabidiol (CBD).  Some are CBC, CBG, CBN and even THC.  THC is the compound found in marijuana that causes the “high” or psychotropic or euphoric effect.  As most of us know, marijuana naturally has a fairly high level of this compound.  Hemp naturally has a very low level, so low that no one reports any sort of high when using the extract from hemp.

*Note:  Some companies use what is called “CBD Isolate” and not the “Full Spectrum Extract” we’re discussing here.  This is considered a substantially inferior product and we cannot recommend them.

So, back to the difference between how effective hemp extract is compared to marijuana extract.  It is the subtle mixture of how much CBD and how much THC and how much of the other cannabinoids that can change the effectiveness for people.  For most of us, we won’t notice much difference in the subtle variations, other than the extract from marijuana will make you high, while the extract from hemp won’t.  However, there is a very small percentage of people whose bodies can tell the difference.  Some people find that they get better results when using an extract high in THC.  And, some people find that they get better results when using an extract that is low in THC.  This just comes down to these people’s bodies; and again, the percentage of these type of people is very low.

So, how will you know if you are one of these people?  The only way to know is to try both types and see if one does better than the other.  For most of us, this is unnecessary.  For most of us, we just need to try a hemp based product and see if it provides the relief we’re seeking.

How Much Do I Need to Buy?

The second thing to consider is: How Much Do You Need per serving and thus, how much should you buy?  To find out how much YOU need, if you haven’t already, you can view our page that covers this question:

how-much-cbd-should-i-take-button-1Once you know how much you need per serving, it’s easy to figure out how much to buy.  (NOTE:  the numbers we discuss in this section are PURELY HYPOTHETICAL for example purposes.  You need to change the numbers based upon how much YOU need or want to buy.)

Let’s say, for example purposes only, someone needs 20mg of per CBD per serving.  And, let’s say, for example purposes, that they wish to take it twice per day.  And, finally, let’s say, for example purposes, this person is interested in using the Oral CBD Drops.

This person will be using 20mg, twice per day, for a total of 40mg per day.

If they purchase the CBD Drops that have 250mg in the bottle, then, they’d be purchasing approx 6 days worth of CBD.  (40mg x 6 days = 240mg).  For most people, this is not enough to start with to give the product long enough for the person to determine if it’s helpful.

If they purchase the CBD Drops that have 500mg in the bottle, then, they’d be purchasing approx 12 days worth of CBD.  (40mg x 12 days = 480mg).  For most people, this is a fairly good amount to start with, assuming they won’t have to increase their “per serving” amount.

If they purchase the CBD Drops that have 1250mg in the bottle, then, they’d be purchasing approx 31 days worth of CBD.  (40mg x 31 days = 1240mg).  For most people, this is an ideal situation, especially once they have tried the product previously and know that it works for them.

Drops, Capsules, Gummies, Etc….Which One is best?

All the products we carry use the same hemp extract discussed above.  So, it doesn’t really matter which product type you get, you’re still getting the same extract.  And, that’s all that really matters.  So, the decision as to which product type to get comes down mainly to preference.  Do you prefer the specific measuring ability of the drops?  Do you prefer the convenience of a capsule?  These are merely preferences for the most part.


So, now we’ve covered the difference between marijuana and hemp products, along with the brief discussion on CBD vs THC.  We’ve covered how to decide how much to buy.  And, we’ve covered how to determine which product type is best for you.  (If you’d like to read more very helpful information, please view our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking the button further down the page.)  Below are a few key points about Highland Pharms to wrap up our discussion:

  • UTILIZE SUPERCRITICAL CO2 EXTRACTION PROCESS (Gentlest on the CBD Molecules, No Solvents)

Highland Pharms  –  Here For You!

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