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How Does CBD Make You Feel

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

Surveys following CBD users are showing compelling results. The prominent one is where 50% of people using CBD stopped taking other medications for their issues.

While this stems from anecdotal rather than scientific study, there’s still some merit that could inspire more serious research. If you’re wondering “how does CBD make you feel,” suffice it to say you’re not alone in your inquiry.

Here are 5 ways that CBD can make you feel that you might usually ascribe to traditional medication.

1. Anxiety Relief

Once you start using CBD oil, you may notice that your anxiety will be relieved in a major way. If you’re typically an anxious person, you’ll find that you don’t feel any of the kinds of anxiety symptoms that typically plague you. CBD can be a great solution for anxiety.

If you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t involve taking lots of pills or other pharmaceuticals, CBD could be the natural solution you’re looking for. CBD oil could be added to your morning tea or coffee to get an effect that lasts all day long. If you start your days feeling jittery and anxious about all the work you have to do, CBD could make things easier.

Not everyone can focus under pressure. In fact, when there’s a lot of pressure on some of us, we might do poorer quality work. We could make serious mistakes and put our work in jeopardy.

With the help of the anxiety-relieving effects of CBD, we could be spared losing our jobs or dealing with the negative fallout. CBD can save us from future stress as it relieves the current stress.

2. Less Pain

You should know that you won’t get any kind of psychoactive effect from taking CBD oil. You won’t be high, start rambling about Star Wars theories, or staring at your hand. The results could be much better, especially if you’re someone who deals with chronic pain.

Because CBD is naturally occurring and healthy, it likely won’t have any interactions with any other medications you’re taking. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor before you introduce it to your daily routine if you’re taking other medication. You’ll be happy to see what a difference it may make with any chronic pain you’re experiencing.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent. It generally lowers the amount of pain you feel while your body heals from any injuries you have.

Lowering the amount of pain you experience can be a serious relief to anyone with a chronic sports injury or an injury following an accident. The pain from those experiences can follow you for years after the incident. CBD can help you get through the day without thinking about those problems.

3. You’ll Feel Totally Sober

CBD has none of the intoxicating agents that smoked or ingested marijuana can give you. It has the effect of leaving you feeling totally sober while helping to curb whatever is ailing you. Many users of CBD oil even report an enhanced day to day experience.

You may find that you have improved attention and an ability to be alert. Where you might have once needed a cup of coffee just to feel alive in the morning, a few drops of CBD in your green tea could have a stronger effect.

CBD may give you alertness and attention that may have eluded you before. If you think you have a mild case of ADD, try taking CBD oil and see how it makes you feel. You might end up feeling more productive during your day.

People who take CBD oil report being able to focus better at work and feeling more accomplished than they had before. If you’re trying to avoid Adderall or similar medications, CBD might give you everything you need with none of the adverse side effects.

4. Well-Rested

When you have trouble sleeping, your health can suffer greatly. Your body and your mind depend on getting an adequate amount of rest to recuperate from the work of the day. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re likely to overeat, make mistakes, and be generally less efficient during your day.

CBD allows you to treat your insomnia without a lot of the problems that other medications can bring. Most people report getting to sleep quickly without the drowsiness that sleeping pills bring. Many times, people who take sleeping pills need to spend part of the next morning recovering.

Taking sleeping pills can leave you with what might otherwise be considered a hangover. You won’t get any of that with CBD. In fact, CBD could be used to help treat hangovers.

Taking medication to help aid with sleep won’t be necessary. Many people report that they can take CBD before bed and when they wake up they feel great all day long.

5. A Strong Appetite

If you have a weak stomach or suffer from nausea of any kind, CBD could be the answer that you’re looking for. CBD generally leaves you with a strong appetite and the ability to hold food down when you otherwise might not.

In the midst of an illness, you might find it’s hard to keep food down or difficult to even build up an appetite. CBD oil may bring your appetite back to where it was before your illness. Whether you’re nauseous because of the flu or a more serious medical issue, CBD could make a big difference.

Still Wondering “How Does CBD Make You Feel?”

If you still have questions about how does CBD make you feel, you’re not alone. The research is still growing as more people gain interest and the funding starts to grow for CBD studies. Over time, we’re likely to see more people using CBD to treat a wider variety of illnesses and maladies.

If you’re curious how much CBD would work for you, check out our guide to find out.

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