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cbd and restless leg syndrome

How CBD Can Help With Restless Leg Syndrome

Living with restless leg syndrome means never knowing if and when you may get a full night’s sleep. In the United States, this chronic disorder affects nearly 10% of the population. That translates to more than 30 million people struggling to lead a normal life because of this disease.

The exact cause of restless leg syndrome has not been discovered yet which makes it difficult to treat. Doctors try a variety of RLS treatments until they discover what works best for each patient, but many come with nasty side effects.

Cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD oil, reportedly seems to work well in treating RLS for all kinds of patients. Learn more about restless leg syndrome below and how CBD oil relieves the intrusive symptoms of RLS.

What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Willis-Ekbom Disease, more commonly known as restless leg syndrome or RLS, affects the nervous system. It causes uncomfortable sensations in the legs with an unstoppable urge to move them to make it stop. Many physicians classify RLS as a sleep and movement disorder as well as a neurological sensory disorder.

Causes of RLS

Most RLS cases present without any apparent cause. Although it may have a genetic component since doctors often find it in multiple family members when symptoms begin before 40 years old. They refer to these cases as idiopathic or primary RLS cases.

Other doctors believe the condition could relate to the chemicals dopamine and glutamate within the body. Dopamine plays a role in how people control their muscle movement and glutamate affect arousal.

Patients with Parkinson’s disease, another involuntary movement disorder, also experience disruptions in these neurochemicals. Neurologists think they may cause some of the involuntary movements found in people with RLS as well.

On occasion, RLS appears as a symptom of an undiagnosed health condition like iron deficient anemia or kidney failure. In these cases, doctors refer to the disease as secondary RLS. Secondary RLS also often appears in pregnant women then disappears not long after they give birth.

Common Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome

People with RLS often experience the following symptoms:

  • Painful cramping in leg muscles, generally in their calves.
  • A troublesome sensation of bugs crawling up and down their legs.
  • Tingling, itching, burning, or throbbing sensations in their legs.
  • Feeling like the blood vessels in their legs are full of sparkling water.
  • An overwhelming need to move their feet and legs.

The effects of these symptoms may be mild or utterly intolerable. RLS patients exhibiting these symptoms have an 80-90% chance of suffering from PLMS, Period Limb Movements in Sleep, as well.

PLMS refers to when one of your legs uncontrollably twitches or jerks while you sleep. It often causes you to wake up in the middle of the night and, like RLS, interrupts your important nightly sleep pattern.

Living with RLS

The interference RLS causes to your sleep pattern affects more than just how long you rest at night. Not getting enough sleep has serious health consequences in the short and long-term.

Daily duties suffer when you cannot operate at full capacity. Your immune system takes a hit and you become ill more often. A lack of sleep causes weight gain and other preventable diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Too little sleep makes you more likely to feel anxious and depressed. It also reduces your sex drive and your ability to perform simple tasks. RLS sufferers experience all of these symptoms due to their inability to sleep from the uncontrollable sensations in their legs.

CBD Oil as an RLS Treatment

No cure exists for restless leg syndrome so all RLS treatment focuses on management or relief of symptoms. Since doctors do not always know the cause of RLS, it makes treating the symptoms much more difficult. Patients must try different types of drugs and no one medication works for all individuals.

Many of the drugs doctors prescribe for RLS come with their own nasty side effects. Opioids, benzodiazepines, and anti-seizure drugs dull the creepy-crawling sensations but can be dangerous or lose their effects when taken long-term.

Doctors also prescribe dopamine or iron-increasing drugs to offer some relief. Medications that simultaneously address the dopamine and glutamate imbalances prove very effective. In the end, the most important thing for a treatment to do is to offer symptom relief and help sufferers sleep.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many compounds found in the cannabis (both hemp and marijuana) plant and does not get the user “high”. Non-psychoactive CBD offers symptom relief to people suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, seizures, spasms, anxiety, and more. Hemp-based CBD oil is legal for purchase in all 50 U.S. states.

CBD Oil Helps RLS Sufferers Get Some Rest

Studies show that CBD oil acts as a powerful sleep inducer that allows chronic pain sufferers to get a full night’s sleep. Patients with severely disrupted glutamate levels often complain the most about lack of sleep. CBD oil may actually help to enhance glutamate signaling to lessen symptoms of RLS.

CBD oil also impacts dopamine, increasing the amount of the neurotransmitter in patients’ brains. Stabilizing dopamine levels appears to minimize the involuntary movements in people with other movement disorders too.

Since CBD oil can directly affect the body’s nervous system, it has the potential to relieve the symptoms of many different neurological disorders like RLS and Parkinson’s disease.

Try CBD for Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

Managing restless leg syndrome poses a challenge when doctors know so little about its causes. The continual lack of sleep and negative effects associated with it can make finding any relief seem impossible. Especially when so much of your treatment plan gets left up to chance.

CBD oil may offer RLS sufferers one of the best ways to effectively manage their symptoms without negative side effects. If you suffer from RLS and cannot sleep, check out our supply of high-quality CBD oil available online to purchase anywhere in the U.S.  Since it is from hemp and not marijuana, it is legal in all 50 states without the requirement of a prescription or a medical card.

Do not suffer another sleepless night. Contact us today to wake up feeling refreshed and ready as soon as possible.

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