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cbd oil for dementia

Has CBD Been Proven Effective for Treating Alzheimer’s?

If you’re all in for the legalization of cannabis, then you’re like 61% of the U.S. population.

That’s right. Within every 10 Americans are six who support the plant’s legalization in the country.

But it’s not only this massive support that should decide cannabis’ legitimization. It’s more of how it has proven – time and time again – that it’s beneficial for a wide array of health problems.

For instance, there’s extensive scientific proof for its excellent pain-relieving effects. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for cannabis’ exponential growth.  And, how about CBD products from hemp….which are already legal in all states!  No prescription or medical card required.

But, also, how about Alzheimer’s disease? Is CBD oil for dementia effective?

Keep reading to learn all about CBD and its oil-based products to find out if can help dementia sufferers!

A 101 on Dementia

Dementia affects the lives of about 50 million people all over the world. What’s more, WHO says 10 million others succumb to it every year.

Not all dementia patients suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is an umbrella term for conditions that affect cognitive functioning and behavior.

Such cognitive functions include the ability to think, remember, and reason. That’s why to some people, dementia patients appear to have “unreasonable” behavior.

That’s because dementia messes with a person’s memory, communication skills, attention, and concentration. It also interferes with their problem-solving skills and visual perception. Dementia reduces, even takes away their ability to manage (AKA look after) themselves.

Changes in personality are quite common in people with dementia. Some also find it difficult to control and manage their emotions.

As a whole, dementia is debilitating and life-threatening. In fact, a third of patients die with this condition. It claims more lives than cancer of the breast and prostate.

What about Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, accounting for about 70% of cases. In the U.S. alone, it affects 5.7 million, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

The Brain, Dementia, and Cannabis

There’s a certain part of the brain that cannabinoids from hemp affects – the endocannabinoid system. It consists of receptors known as CB1 and CB2.

CB1 is all over the brain, and yes, that includes the hippocampus.

The hippocampus is the reason we can memorize things and remember stuff. In fact, it’s the central location where all learning occurs.

Then, there’s the CB2 receptor. A special type of immune cells, known as microglia, house most of this receptor.

That said, the endocannabinoid system, which CBD targets, has much to do with memory. Especially with the hippocampus, which AD affects the most. In people with dementia or AD, this part is one of the first to go.

Moving on to the Exciting News about CBD for Dementia

Much of the scientific literature surrounding CBD and dementia focuses on Alzheimer’s disease. One good example is this Frontiers in Pharmacology study. It found that CBD may treat disorders of the nervous system, including AD.

Much of this beneficial effect comes from cannabidiol’s ability to protect nerve cells. It safeguards the cells against damage and degeneration. Plus, it also has antioxidant properties.

These also support other studies’ findings that CBD has anti-inflammatory activity.

The researchers further revealed that cannabidiol can mitigate the harmful effects of Alzheimer’s. The findings also suggest that CBD treatment may lessen AD-related cognitive impairment. This makes the active hemp compound more promising (and preferable) than acetylcholine.

According to the researchers, this is due to CBD mitigating neuroinflammatory response. This, together with reactive gliosis, are both associated with neurodegenerative disease. By stopping both, cannabidiol may serve as a way to treat and slow the disease’s progression.

Reversing the Brain Aging Procedures

Studies like this show that cannabidiol, in general, reverses the brain’s aging processes. That includes the reduction in memory-related performances.

The study involved old mice, which received a low-dose cannabis treatment. The prolonged treatment contained THC, an active cannabis component, according to the researchers. After four weeks, they found a complete reversal in the performance loss of the old animals.

The thing is, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is what gives cannabis its mind-altering effects. Yes, it’s the compound with psychoactive properties. Whereas CBD doesn’t, and has even shown THC-countering effects.

Note that there are CBD-centered studies on its effects on dementia though. One such study involved administering cannabidiol into mice exhibiting Alzheimer’s-like symptoms.

The injected mice displayed “drastic improvement” on tests relating to memory and recognition. The researchers also said the subjects started to perform like healthy animals again.

These studies show that CBD reverses dementia. THC does too, but cannabidiol (CBD) for dementia may be more helpful for those who don’t want the high.

The good news is, there’s a wide array of CBD products you can choose from. If you want to take them as a supplement, you can go with CBD capsules and pills. You’ll also find quality hemp oil in tincture form.

Reducing Alzheimer’s Oxidative Stress Effects

CBD’s beneficial effects in dementia patients don’t end there.

review of clinical studies found that it protects against neurotoxicity. It also said that cannabidiol’s antioxidant properties reduced common dementia activities. To be more specific, DNA fragmentation generation of reactive oxygen species.

In a nutshell, the study reveals that CBD can help with minimizing oxidative stress in people with AD. They acknowledge the need for more studies though. But these are promising findings on CBD’s power to help with dementia.

Yes, Science Says CBD Oil for Dementia Can Help

As you can see, clinical findings show CBD can help with dementia. So yes, there’s scientific proof backing up cannabidiol’s effects on these disorders.

Granted, all scientists and researchers agree more studies are in order. But we can’t deny CBD’s potential for helping the millions suffering from dementia. As such, patients should give CBD oil for dementia a well-deserved try.

If you’ve become interested in giving CBD products a try, be sure to check our guide out. We also have an FAQ page answering all the questions you have about CBD in general.

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