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Editorial Process

At Highland Pharms, our mission is to supply our customers with the highest quality CBD products and herbal supplements derived from natural, non-GMO sources. We are committed to helping people live better lives by exploring the potential of natural and alternative methods, and stand by our company policy of providing full transparency on the variety of products we offer. As a business, we prioritize the individuality and unique journey of each customer in pursuing the health and wellness they deserve.

While we truly believe in plant-based solutions, we also understand that FDA regulations and guidelines do not permit claims that natural supplements such as CBD can change or improve health conditions. The FDA does acknowledge the increasing interest in the utility and effects of CBD on health, but doesn’t approve the marketing of any cannabis-related product to treat illnesses, diseases or any medical conditions, with a few exceptions. However, the FDA supports the clinical and scientific research of the medical use of cannabis, and updated its Guidance for Industry: Botanical Drug Development in 2016. It also continues to issue industry-specific guidance such as the document “Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Compounds: Quality Considerations for Clinical Research,” which outlines thought leadership on this topic.

We acknowledge and respect the FDA’s guidelines regarding the safety, quality, and efficacy of products containing cannabis, including CBD. We operate in accordance with the parameters of the FDA’s regulatory jurisdiction, and do not market our products with any unproven medical claims.

In regards to the articles we produce to support our products, our editorial team maintain the highest possible standards, ensuring all information is as accurate as possible and based on the most recent scientific research. However, while we are careful to provide current information from credible websites and research papers, we are not lawyers, nor scientific experts. As such, the content we publish is intended for information purposes only, and those with legal or medical concerns should consult experts with their state or country.