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Can You Use CBD for PTSD? The Benefits of CBD Oil

At any given time, there are 24 million Americans dealing with PTSD in some way.

If you’re looking for a treatment to help alleviate your issues or help someone you love, CBD for PTSD may be becoming a new way to solve all of your problems. While there’s still a lot of testing to be done, it’s looking like CBD shows promise for PTSD.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

How PTSD is Treated

There are many forms of PTSD and many ways to get it. There is PTSD related to physical trauma, emotional trauma, or witnessing an incident. There are a whole series of other types of PTSD that come from combat and being at war.

No matter what the source of your PTSD is, there are a lot of traditional treatments that may or may not work.

One of the most traditional treatments is to use “talking therapy” or psychotherapy. This gives people with PTSD the opportunity to talk about what their issue is and find ways to deal with it. Sometimes this leads to the prescription of psychiatric drugs but other times, antidepressants and other medication aren’t needed.

Most of the prescriptions for PTSD treat the symptoms rather than the causes. Some medicine that’s been used for other issues, like the blood pressure medication Prazosin, has the ability to help people with PTSD. When you combat some of the issues like sleeping problems, the mind heals much easier.

Many approaches in psychotherapy work toward skill-building that leads to an eventual alleviation of problems. However, this doesn’t always work and at times, medication is needed to intervene. For the most part, a healthy combination of both usually works.

CBD as an Option for PTSD

While there’s no perfect cure for dealing with PTSD, there have been a lot of tests showing that CBD is a potential option. Cannabinoids have a hard time being taken seriously in the medical industry despite solid research. However, if you start looking at the little bit of research done, and how the endocannabinoid system plays a role in emotions, you see that it makes sense.

The parts of our brain that regulate memory retrieval are deeply intertwined with the concept of PTSD. The way that we consolidate emotions and memory give insight into ways to treat PTSD. The endocannabinoid system is the ideal target for treating emotional and cognitive issues.

The two main receptors that CBD impacts are found on all humans and animals. These receptors, known as CB1 and CB2 are configured to take CBD as a treatment for anxiety and mood-related issues. These receptors modulate neurotransmitters and have a lot of different impacts on your central nervous system.

When it comes to pleasure, trauma and how you process memories, CBD helps to manage the way your body regulates that. The elements found in CBD seem to work together with your receptors to block you from continuously retrieving trauma. On top of that, CBD seems to reduce the anxieties associated with that trauma.

What CBD Can Do For You

While THC gives that well-known and stereotypical feeling of being “high”, CBD provides the rest of the benefits. When you separate the two, CBD offers a lot of health benefits without altering your perception or your cognition. Many people report they get the chance to manage the core symptoms of PTSD without having to re-experience trauma.

Where once it was seen as a fringe treatment, the use of CBD and cannabinoids is legal when made from hemp. Their ability to treat PTSD and to be used as coping mechanisms has an increasing level of support and anecdotal examples. Where other drugs have failed, CBD has succeeded in filling in the space.

Traditional drugs could deal with emotional regulations, stress, social anxiety, and nightmares one by one. You’d typically need a drug for each one of those symptoms, which inevitably led to some bad interactions. With no real cure for PTSD, a suitable treatment was a long way away.

It turns out the answer might be CBD. For both drug replacement and as a therapeutic aid, it may help to manage symptoms that get in the way of even talk therapy. So, what was once a hard-to-manage issue is now reportedly being combatted by one simple substance.

Diversify Your Remedies

While CBD may be a great aid, there are other behavioral issues that need to be added to treat PTSD. Without taking control of these problems, it’s nearly impossible to completely erase the problems of PTSD. If you combine CBD with some other elements, you might have a powerful concoction to stop PTSD.

One of the best ways to treat PTSD symptoms is to try meditation or even pursue a yoga practice. This allows introspection and the ability to pursue calming behaviors that lead to balance. Rather than dealing with the extremes of PTSD, meditation teaches the practitioner to find a calm center point in all of it.

In general, exercise is a great way to get rid of the anxiety that comes with PTSD. When you run or go for any kind of vigorous exercise, you’re filling your body with endorphins that lower your stress hormones. With this comes an increased appetite which also leads to relaxed and calming sleep.

Pursue regular counseling in a group or individual setting. An outlet for talking about your feelings is the best way to eliminate the anxiety that rises with PTSD.

CBD for PTSD is the Remedy You Need

If you’re looking for a possible remedy for anxiety that comes with trauma, CBD for PTSD is gaining support as that possible solution that has everything you need.

You might just treat many of the symptoms that once required medication all with this one substance.

Get started now. To figure out the right amount of CBD for you, check out this guide.

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