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The Many Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Recently, there’s been a lot of chatter about CBD oil and its many uses for humans. It’s such a beneficial product that experts estimate CBD sales will reach $1 billion in just 3 years.

As we’ve learned more about CBD, we’ve realized it’s not only good for humans. Man’s best friend can also benefit from CBD.

Yes, your furry friend benefits in many of the same ways that you and I do from CBD products. In dogs, CBD can help reduce anxiety, relieve pain, and help reduce the severity of seizures among other things.

The great thing about CBD is it’s not psychoactive because it doesn’t have THC, the component of marijuana that gives you a high.

If you have an anxious, arthritic, or epileptic dog, CBD might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Keep reading to learn about all the benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

CBD Oil For Dogs Reduces Anxiety

One of the main reasons people start taking CBD is to help with anxiety. CBD has been shown to help those with mild anxiety to anxiety disorders. It can even reduce the frequency of panic attacks and reduce symptoms of PTSD.

Not many people consider how anxious dogs can be. Dogs can be anxious for a number of reasons including having a previous bad experience with something or not being exposed to enough places and things as a puppy.

An anxious dog can cause multiple problems for its owner. A dog might display its anxiety through excessive barking, pacing, having accidents in the house, or chewing up anything and everything.

Having an anxious dog can not only lead to damage to your belongings but it can also put stress on your relationship with your dog.

CBD oil for dogs is one of the best courses of action you can take with an anxious dog until you can teach him not to react to his stressors. You simply add a few drops of it to your dog’s food based on his body weight and watch your dog seemingly start to ignore his stressor stimuli.

Relieves Pain

The main component of CBD – the cannabinoids – are a proven solution for relieving chronic pain. One study conducted on mice showed that cannabinoid oil significantly helped reduce inflammation in induced pain situations.

Knowing this, doctors and patients have started to realize how many applications CBD has when it comes to pain management. Some examples include:

  • Neuropathy or other nerve-related pain
  • Joint inflammation as a result of arthritis
  • Inflammation as a result of acute pancreatitis
  • Inflammation due to IBS

People aren’t the only ones who get these problems. Dogs are just as likely to get arthritis as they age or have IBS.

Giving your dog CBD can help relieve their pain whether it’s chronic or persistent pain like arthritis or pain shortly after a surgery. Using CBD oil for dogs can help you manage your dog’s pain and help him be a happier dog.

Can Help Fight Cancer

There are hundreds of studies that have proven CBD’s efficacy in stopping cancer cells from growing. These studies range from cervical cancer to Leukemia.

While it’s not entirely clear how this works, we have noticed the following when it comes to CBD and cancer:

  • CBD improves the body’s “killer cells'” ability to latch onto cancer cells and kill them
  • CBD also helps block energy from cancer cells so they can’t continue to grow
  • CBD has anti-tumor properties which slow the growth of tumors

CBD can also be used alongside traditional cancer treatments to help eradicate the body of cancer.

When it comes to dogs, each breed is different when it comes to cancer susceptibility. If you have a breed that’s likely to get cancer like a Golden Retriever, you might consider using CBD to help prevent or treat cancer in the future. While CBD isn’t a magic cure, it can help improve your dog’s life and work alongside other cancer treatments you elect to get your dog.

Helps with Epilepsy

Not many people know that dogs can get seizures and suffer from epilepsy just as people can.

Epilepsy, or seizure disorder, is not a common occurrence in dogs. The Kennel Club of the UK estimates that one in 130 dogs suffer from epilepsy.

Seizures occur when there are abnormal levels of electricity in the brain which can cause involuntary movements and behaviors. Most epileptic episodes tend to involve jerking or shaky movements that can last for less than a minute to several minutes.

There are several types of epilepsy. Some types are triggered by specific stimuli like being overtired while others seem much more random.

While epilepsy, in many cases, isn’t dangerous for the dog if he’s in the home, it can still be unpleasant. It can be dangerous if your dog is out and about often.

Many owners with an epileptic dog opt to put the dog on medicines that have phenobarbital or potassium bromide, both of which can damage your dog’s organs in the long run. Using CBD oil can help reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures in your dog after several months without the long-term damage.

Increases Appetite

There are many reasons why your dog might not want to eat. He could have an upset tummy, be nauseous, or some medication he’s on has suppressed his appetite.

While a day or two of not being hungry is ok in dogs, it can be worrisome when your dog goes days without eating much.

CBD oil for dogs can not only help calm any nausea your dog might be feeling but also increase his appetite.

Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is particularly important if he has an illness like cancer. That’s where CBD can help you encourage your dog to eat a bit more.

CBD Oil for Dogs Does It All

OK, CBD oil for dogs won’t magically make your dog the most well-behaved gentleman in the world, but it can help him get there. With CBD, your dog’s anxieties will be calmed, giving you more opportunities to train him and bond with him.

CBD oil also has powerful health implications including fighting cancer, reducing pain and inflammation, and decreasing the number of epileptic seizures.

If your dog has any of the behavioral or health issues we mentioned above, give CBD a try. You can learn more about CBD oil in our FAQ section.

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