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Awaken CBD Gummies – 25mg CBD per piece + CBG, Terpenes and Green Tea Extract


Great Tasting Gummies with 25mg CBD and 25mg CBG, plus Terpenes and Green Tea Extract for an amazing start to everyday!

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Beet Root – All Natural Beet Root Powder


Increase oxygen levels throughout your body with improved blood flow.  Live a longer, healthier and more enjoyable life!

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Alpha Testosterone Support – Enhance Testosterone Production


Increase muscle growth – Support healthy testosterone production – Increase bodybuilding results

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Moringa Capsules – 120ct – FREE SHIPPING


Moringa Capsules – 120ct

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Refresh CBD Gummies w/Melatonin – 25mg CBD per piece – New Formula


Great-Tasting Gummy with Full Spectrum CBD and Melatonin for Sleep!

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Highland Pharms Moringa & Matcha Super Greens Energy Capsules


Formulated for Subtle Energy, Focus and Vibrant Health….Moringa & Matcha Energy Capsules with added SuperGreens

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Relief CBD Gummies w/Devil’s Claw for Pain – 25mg CBD per piece – New Formula


Great-Tasting Gummies with 25mg CBD and 200mg Devil’s Claw for Pain!

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Authentic Shilajit Resin from Lotus Blooming Herbs


Authentic Shilajit Resin 10g

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10mg Water Soluble CBD Capsules with Curcumin C3 Complex



Power-Packed for Optimum Well-Being!

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20mg Water Soluble CBD Capsules with Curcumin C3 Complex



Power-Packed for Optimum Well-Being!  Strongest Available

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What are herbal supplements?  

For thousands of years, humans have used nature as a source of restorative power. In many places today, when we become ill, our family members and elders still recommend small amounts of plant materials as the solution to our problems. After ingestion, these natural treatments are thought to help improve our health conditions or prevent them from reoccurring. These days, however, we instead refer to these natural remedies as herbal supplements.  

Herbal supplements are natural substances you can take to help improve your health and general well-being. While many prescription drugs are synthesized in labs, herbal supplements are derived directly from plants themselves. Generations of our forebears had used these supplements to improve their health before there was access to other kinds of treatments. You, too, can live holisticallyaccess the true power of nature, and potentially enhance your health regimen by using herbal supplements. 

Why take herbal supplements?  

When hemp was grown overseas with few regulations to ensure quality, we searched for only the cleanest and purest extracts to use in our CBD products. Our mission was to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers. But our search yielded much more than we bargained for.   

We discovered several non-hemp solutions we believed could help our customers reach new levels of health. These herbal remedies were of an exceptionally high quality that was hard to find elsewhere. After careful consideration and thorough research, we added them to our lineup. Our herbal supplements provide numerous benefits that may make a difference in your overall health and happiness. 

Benefits of dietary supplements  

There are many benefits to using herbal supplements: some are believed to aid in the treatment of specific medical conditions, while others are thought to give you extra strength and stamina in your day-to-day activities. The Office of Dietary Supplements has provided detailed information on supplements and shown that some may help to 

  • Boost your immune system 
  • Enhance your hair and skin quality 
  • Reduce depression and anxiety 
  • Improve your memory 
  • Lose weight 

Supplements may support your overall health regimen and assist in recovery from many common illnesses. Just as you would with any other diet additive, you should exercise caution with supplements. Even though they can be purchased over the counter, there are still potential risks when taking them. It’s important you educate yourself and learn about their effects for your own safety

Choosing the Right Herbal Supplement Product For You 

Choosing an herbal supplement product amidst a plethora of options can be confusing; therefore, discerning criteria must be established. Primarily this entails scrutinizing ingredients- it is necessary to verify that desired herbs are present in requisite amounts while watching out for any potential allergies or medication conflicts mentioned on labels. 

Equally important is assessing product quality which can be influenced by numerous factors such as production methods, packaging techniques, and storage procedures- all impacting how effective and potent supplements will ultimately prove to be. As you search for herbal supplements, prioritizing your selection of products from reputable manufacturers that uphold Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) will ensure optimal quality and consistency. Secondly, it’s critical to avoid the common pitfall of false or misleading advertising claims, such as treating illnesses or providing miracle weight loss results without scientific backing – any promises that sound too good to be true must be approached with caution. 

Lastly, being aware of what constitutes a trustworthy supplier plays a key role in selecting reliable herbal supplement products. To make sure you are getting top-quality herbal supplements, seek out reputable suppliers who have established exceptional reputations for providing superior products and outstanding customer service. Also, choose suppliers who are transparent with information about their manufacturing processes as well as where they source their ingredients from. 

As everyone’s health needs may vary significantly, seeking guidance from medical experts when purchasing supplements can help determine the best option tailored to your specific requirements. With technological advancements and digitization revolutionizing the traditional teaching model of brick-and-mortar institutions, online learning now prides itself on being a highly economical solution that allows many learners across the globe to pursue their studies with great ease. This budget-friendly approach could be one factor driving its justified growing popularity.

How to Take Herbal Supplement Products

To achieve optimal benefits from herbal supplements without any detrimental side effects, adherence to the recommended dosage and administration methods is fundamental. These recommendations are subject to variation based on the product type and personal requirements; therefore, a careful reading of instructions is necessary. 

Consulting a healthcare expert can also resolve any concerns or queries about administering incorrect dosages or potential toxicity issues. Capsules, tablets, teas, and powders are among the various methods used for administering herbal supplements. 

The rate of absorption and bioavailability are critical aspects in determining product effectiveness. Tea may have a slow onset compared to capsules but have long-lasting effects on individuals who consume them. Additionally important is the safe combination of multiple products, as mixing certain supplements may interact negatively, leading to adverse side effects even when consumed with prescription medication. A consultation with healthcare experts before consumption can safeguard an individual against such eventualities. 

In order to derive maximum benefits from herbal supplement products, adhering to the recommended dosage and administration methods is crucial. Additionally, caution must be exercised while combining multiple supplements as it can have adverse effects. Finally, maintaining consistency in one’s supplement routine can ensure that the supplement levels in your system are steady and deliver consistent results. 

Consulting a healthcare professional beforehand can also help alleviate any doubts or concerns.

Herbal supplements safety  

Even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration permits the over-the-counter sale of herbal supplementsyou should be aware of potentially adverse effects that can arise with improper useFor instance, mixing supplements with certain prescription medications or other substances can be harmful. Ginseng and green tea, for example, can cause high blood pressure. On the other hand, too much flaxseed can lower your blood pressure. Ginger shouldn’t be mixed with blood thinners, because it also thins the blood. It’s important to recognize these drug interactions and avoid them to reduce your chances of experiencing adverse side effects. Make sure to do your own research and discuss dietary supplements with a healthcare provider before taking anything new

Which dietary supplements should I use?  

Before taking any herbal medicines, you should consider which ailments you‘re targeting and the benefits you hope to gain. Your usage intent will help you decide which productto try, as each has its own purpose. Here are brief overviews of the dietary supplements we currently offer with key information on how they may help you:  

  • Keto+ Metabolism Booster: A weight loss super mixture that helps maximize your calorie-burning potential.  
  • Apple Cider VinegarA detoxifying compound that may reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. (3) 
  • AshwagandhaAn herb full of amino acids and healing properties to help you fight a multitude of conditions. (4) 
  • MoringaA vegan-friendly powder imbued with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for your comprehensive health needs.  
  • Shilajit: A Himalayan resin with 85+ minerals and trace elements to help keep your body in balance.  
  • CBDA hemp extract that supports your overall wellbeing, believed to have wide-reaching health benefits 

While there is some overlap in their benefits and active ingredients, each supplement is unique. Our ancestors used them for millennia as a source of health and wellness straight from the hands of mother nature. If you’re looking to improve your quality of life without relying on synthetic alternatives, there are many natural solutions you can try.

Where can I buy herbal supplements?  

Highland Pharms is a top US herbal supplements supplier and information source for anyone interested in exploring natural alternatives and supplements to modern synthetic substances. You can purchase a variety of supplements from our online store and start your journey toward a happier, healthier life.  

We’ve been committed to providing our customers with the best and highest quality herbal products for years. We were one of the first companies to bring hemp CBD products to the United States. Other companies are now following our lead, but few are as committed to providing the highest quality herbal supplements as we are.  

We believe our products are the best and purest herbal supplements found anywhere on the planet. We urge you to read the product descriptions and see if any of our products could help you on your journey to improved well-being. If you make a purchase, you can rest easy knowing that weve done the hard work of ensuring the quality and efficacy of each supplement.

What are the potential side effects of taking herbal supplement products?

Individuals taking herbal supplement products may experience several side effects caused by specific products and their personal health status. These side effects usually include gastrointestinal disturbances, headaches, or allergies. Before consuming new supplements or drugs of any nature, seek consultation from a medical expert for a comprehensive analysis of potential hazards and mitigation strategies.

Does the FDA regulate herbal supplement products?

Although regulated by FDA laws, herbal supplements are not marketed under stringent requirements as over-the-counter or prescribed medications. Herbal supplement products undergo no evaluation for safety or efficacy before they are made available in the market as mandated by the FDA’s policies. 

Despite this circumstance, there exist certain regulations which compel manufacturers to comply with manufacturing standards while adhering strictly to label descriptions on product efficacy and potential adverse side effects, among other crucial details such as ingrained ingredients particulars or dosage requirements. 

How do I know if an herbal supplement product is right for me?

It is always advised that individuals seeking out herbal supplements should consult medical professionals to ascertain whether it’s appropriate for their specific health status. Choosing which nutritional additives to include in one’s diet may benefit from expert guidance regarding each item’s risks and benefits. Receiving personal recommendations also allows for consideration of existing medical conditions or daily medicine intake alongside particular nutrient profiles needed. Being candid about one’s care circumstances enables tailored consultation with healthcare professionals.